First blog post hope Ive got this right

Ive started this blog to provide information and inspire other people with the things that I do. Well all being hopeful.

I been repairing electronics for a very long time and with that comes building and hacking inevitably. This is going not only to be a place that I can use as reference but also to document some of the things I do for others to use.

Well hopefully I can keep up to date with what I’m doing and keep this blog rolling. The first few post probably wont be much apart from a look at some amps that have been in for repair as I try and get my head around this blogging thing.

Cheers Kris.


3 comments on “First blog post hope Ive got this right

  1. simon delage says:

    I like your first posts, they are short but entertaining… Just hire a photograph !

  2. Josephr says:

    Hey Kris this blog is very helpful to me as I troubleshoot my power amp concerning the speaker protector, it gave me additional information on how to repair some of the most common main amp failures. hope you will be my instructor.. i will always leave a comment to your blog because this is amazing blog. well explained and i can see mastery in your own field. best regards. Joseph

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